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    ManageTrainLearn Product Testimonials

    Product Testimonials

    testimonials02_142Here are some recent product testimonials from our members and customers:

    "I am addicted to your site since I accidentally discovered it. I feel so deprived for not being introduced to the site earlier."

    Nora Abbas

    "As someone who has been developing online learning solutions for more than 30 years, I find the 1DayCoursePlans from Manage Train Learn an extremely efficient starting point for building bespoke, in-house courses. Used in conjunction with automated authoring or rapid learning development tools, the combination of slide sets and facilitators' notes provide the structure and content to which can be added company-specific scenarios, online interactivity and assessment to produce effective courses available 24/7."

    Colin Mansell
    Owner, ICUC (e-learning)

    "I have used some of the MTL products such as "Stories that Coach", Skills Collections", and "MTL Quotes" and found a very positive response from the colleagues who attended my training programs. I have used these programs to reiterate the learning. In a nutshell, the contents are crisp, to the point and well-illustrated."

    Sanjay Rastogi
    Chief Internal HR Consultant
    Bank Sohar

    Muscat, Oman

    "Many thanks for the e-courses and daily management tips. Some fabulous tips and information in respect of training. Great fun also for the long term members of staff as the “daily smile” works wonders for morale and I learned so much from the” Amazing facts” emails."

    Linda Sanjuan
    Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd

    "I just wanted to commend ManageTrainLearn on the quality, breadth and scope of materials which you have made available over the past few years. I am particularly impressed by the content from recognized authorities in their field which you have distributed as a value-added service to the management training community. While many companies give away their own white papers of dubious quality in an attempt to lure new customers, ManageTrainLearn actually offers real value with its products."

    Jonathan S. Ross
    Black Rock Consulting

    "I have tried a couple of online courses and found them extremely useful. I always wanted my seminars to start with a smile and end with a smile. Your funny stories really helped me in this regard. Now all my training sessions are fully loaded with smiles."


    "The Daily Management Tips are a great way to set the tone for the day. Giving me a skill or technique to put into practice keeps me sharp."

    Tim Waite
    Team Leader
    Professional Bar and Restaurant School
    Auckland, New Zealand

    "The Daily Management Tips sometimes help me to make a correct decision and our trainers use MTL SkillBoosters during their training."

    Hakan Haldun Hamarat

    "I would like to thank you once more for the valuable info and inspirational thoughts shared with us. I have forwarded your website links to many of my colleagues too - highly recommended by me."

    Ritesh Sharma
    Product Manager, HDFC Bank
    Mumbai, India

    "The information available on the "Servant Leaders" SkillBooster has been exceptionally helpful in creating a successful, motivated, happy work environment. It has provided additional skills to our 'Adding Value' training as well as staff being able to 'see' themselves in a different way. This MTL SkillBooster has challenged behaviours and resulted in huge positive outcomes for both staff and customers alike. Thanks Manage Train Learn, keep them coming."

    Sally Van Gaalen
    BOC Ltd

    "I use ManageTrainLearn to further my own development and gain new ideas in specific areas of training. Whatever the training topic, MTL have the product delivered simply and professionally. A great organisation that you can reply on to support you with training materials."

    Maureen Bell
    Director, Speak with Presence
    North Sydney, Australia

    "I only recently found this website and wish that I'd found it years ago. The expertise is pretty evident in all the materials presented here. Especially the originality in the articles is highly appreciated."

    Apoorva Degree College
    Karimnagar, India

    "I have found MTL products to be excellent for my purposes. My trainees have benefited from ease of understanding the subject. On a personal note, when I requested a particular topic I was contacted very quickly and was satisfied with the result."

    Jack Johnson
    MA, DMS, FRSA, FInstLM.
    Learning, Coaching, Training, Development

    "I love your website and resources - they are of great use to me and keep me inspired. I have tried 1-day course plans and the A-Z communication manual and a few online courses. The wisdom they gave me was priceless. This is the kind of material any trainer or learner would love to own. The well-thought-out categorization of the material, the elegance of the website itself and the originality of the material are simply superb. I would recommend MTL to anyone without hesitation."

    Karimnagar, India

    "I have bought a set of MTL Mini-Courses which I can highly recommend. It was concise and interesting and could be used over and over again. Well done MTL. I have also downloaded several free products. Why buy a book when you can read it here for free, especially in this economy. Thank you."

    Heike Van Zyl

    "One of the best books that I came across on ManageTrainLearn is "Life-Changers". It's like a basket of 100 seeds. One by one, we can sow each of these magical seeds in our lives and reap the everlasting rewards that follow."

    Mansoor Ahmad
    Program Manager
    National Glass Industry
    United Arab Emirates

    "MTL has changed the way I look at training by providing appropriate SkillBooster techniques. These help in identifying and zeroing in on problem areas faster and hence providing satisfactory solutions."

    Indrani Narasimhan

    "If you want short, sharp, effective and usable information, MTL's SkillBoosters are just the job! They contain up-to-date ideas that can be easily applied in the real world and can support any other learning and development materials to boost your awareness and capabilities. They're like a snack that keeps you going!"

    Mark Williams
    MWA Marketing Agency
    Cardiff, Wales

    "I've never written a testimonial before, but the MTL SkillBoosters I downloaded are simply superb. You call them SkillBoosters but I call them bundles of wisdom spread on a single sheet. I loved them and would like to have more"


    "I used a MTL Teambuilders game with a team of disability workers. The activity was a great success and helped the team develop communication and planning skills while having fun at the same time! Thank you Manage Train Learn for your great ideas and support!"

    Ruth Knight
    Director of Zark Consultancy
    Gold Coast, Australia

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